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Namitha Rajan Love Valentine's Day

Happy New Year Everyone!  January can often feel like the longest month ever but before we know it, the season of love will be upon us coinciding with the beginning of spring....all mood lifting stuff, isn't it?

What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?  Is it something you like to celebrate?  I used to always roll my eyes at the whole fuss over Valentine's Day!  I often wondered why we needed a day to remind us to love..... shouldn't that be everyday?!  But this year, I really want to embrace it.....and its not just to make cute little earrings to celebrate love but also for myself.  This Valentine's Day, I want to focus of two things:

1.  Self Love - It's easier said that done....isn't it?  My inner critic can be so brutal at times and I want to really change that!  This season of love is all about loving who I am....all my strengths and weakness that make me who I am and being proud of the unique person that I am.  I'm sharing that with you in the shape of these earrings that I've called Cuppa a reminder that self love is one of the greatest or probably the greatest kind of love out there....the more we learn to love our very being….the more love we have to give…. So let's remember to practice it more often.

2. Duality - This is another thing I want to celebrate as the season of love approaches's all about the Yin and Yang concept that creates that perfect balance!  Whether you're a couple or single.....duality exists in each and every one of us.  Things may not always appear to be perfectly balanced on the outside but from our beating hearts to our amazing brains….they are just perfect examples of how two totally opposing sides come together to keep us alive and to balance our day to day activities perfectly!   We all have our strengths and weaknesses but they play very important roles in our daily lives.  A weaknesses in one aspect of life could actually be a strength in another aspect and vice versa (Do you get what I mean?!:))  My Love Letter earrings are a celebration of the Yin and Yang.....a celebration of that coupling that exists within us and all those strengths and weaknesses that complete as individuals.


Sending lots of love your way for the upcoming season and you'll hear from me again at the start of summer:)

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  • Elizabeth on

    Hi Namitha,
    Super blog post. I hadn’t thought of the brain and heart in that way before. But it makes perfect sense.
    I love how everything in life has a balance.
    Elizabeth 💕

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